10 Ways to Save on Remodeling Projects

10 Ways to Save on Remodeling Projects

Worried that your remodel is going to empty out your bank account?  Here’s how to save on your remodel and still achieve the customized, unique look you envisioned for your home. 1. Focus on increasing the efficency rather than the size of the space. Simply reorganizing the space and incorporating features specifically designed for efficiencyRead more

Is Your Home Ready for Your Remodeling Project?

These tips will help your project run smoothly and keep your sanity intact! 1. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, create a temporary one with a microwave, portable mini refrigerator, coffee pot and trash can.  Stock up on microwave safe and or or disposable paper products.  Use another sink or bathtub to wash dishes. 2. Plan simple mealsRead more

5 Reasons to Work with Kat

  1. Kat's contractors are pre-screened and evaluated after every job.
  2. Kat's contractors carry proper insurance and workman's comp.
  3. Kat connects you to contractors who are qualified to do the job while understanding your budget and time frame.
  4. Kat is available throughout the duration of your project.  You know have your own personal property manager to ensure that your project runs as smoothly as possible!
  5. Kat saves you time looking for the right contractor, checking references and wondering if the job will be done to YOUR satisfaction!

Kat in the Spring Edition of Midtown Magazine

Kat in the Spring Edition of Midtown Magazine

The March/April Edition of Midtown Magazine quoted Kat’s Home Repair Referrals. Click here to view the Article.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Satisfied home repair customer

 Katie Joyce
Direct Hire Recruiter 
Bob Watral
Financial Advisor
Doreen Knapp
Business Solutions Specialist

I called Kat for work I needed done on my home's interior.  She asked me detailed questions and connected me to several courteous and professional contractors who gave me complete estimates. I was thrilled with the results and recommend Kat to homeowners looking for reliable and skilled contractors at affordable prices!"  ""Kat" provided me with a recommendation for a painting contractor for our home. I have been a homeowner since 1986 and I have never worked with such a professional painting company. Simply awesome!" "After a bad experience with a Local HVAC contractor I contacted  Kat’s Home Repair Referrals.  Kat knew just who to connect me with for reliable furnace service. The contractor was punctual, friendly and efficient. Kat is hands down the best resource for finding reliable contractors in the Triangle. Thank you Kat!"