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Kat in the Spring Edition of Midtown Magazine

Kat in the Spring Edition of Midtown Magazine

The March/April Edition of Midtown Magazine quoted Kat’s Home Repair Referrals.

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Ready for a move, Home Buyers and Sellers in Raleigh, NC

March/April Edition of the Carolina Alumni Review

March/April Edition of the Carolina Alumni Review

The March/April Edition of the Carolina Alumni review published an article about Kat’s Home Repair Referral Service.  

Is Your Home Ready for Your Remodeling Project?

These tips will help your project run smoothly and keep your sanity intact! 1. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, create a temporary one with a microwave, portable mini refrigerator, coffee pot and trash can.  Stock up on microwave safe and or or disposable paper products.  Use another sink or bathtub to wash dishes. 2. Plan simple mealsContinue Reading

10 Key Points Your Remodeling Contract Should Include

Remodeling contracts should always be a part of every remodeling project for your home.  I know, you’ve finally chosen the contractor for your home project and you’re just itchin to start, right?  Not so fast!  Again, make sure to draw up a clear and detailed contract with your contractor; you won’t regret it!  I knowContinue Reading

Spring and Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Every spring and summer, southern homeowners need to spend a few hours here and there taking care of some basic home maintenance tasks. Identifying small, minor problems in the spring and summer will help you eliminate the possibility of surprising and costly but necessary repairs later on. Complete the following recommendations; you’ll be glad youContinue Reading

Fall and Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Southern homeowners should follow a season’s maintenance plan to ensure that their homes stay in tiptop cognition. These tasks are not too time consuming or expensive. They will preserve energy in your home, prevent structural damage and protect the home’s systems. Follow these recommendations below in the fall and winter so that small problems don’tContinue Reading

10 Ways to Save on Remodeling Projects

10 Ways to Save on Remodeling Projects

Worried that your remodel is going to empty out your bank account?  Here’s how to save on your remodel and still achieve the customized, unique look you envisioned for your home. 1. Focus on increasing the efficency rather than the size of the space. Simply reorganizing the space and incorporating features specifically designed for efficiencyContinue Reading