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Is Your Home Ready for Your Remodeling Project?

These tips will help your project run smoothly and keep your sanity intact!

1. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, create a temporary one with a microwave, portable mini refrigerator, coffee pot and trash can.  Stock up on microwave safe and or or disposable paper products.  Use another sink or bathtub to wash dishes.

2. Plan simple meals like microwavable casseroles, use restaurant coupons and if possible, use your outdoor grill!

3. Include a plan for debris control and removal in your contract. The contractor’s crew should either sweep or vacuum daily to keep up with the dust and dirt accumulation or at the end of the week as this step can easily become time consuming.  Try to be reasonable with requests of your contractors and give them ample room to complete the various phases of your job.

4. Dust will drift into other areas of your home not under renovation.  Make sure your contractor hangs tarps to cover doorways, windows and air vents to help seal them off from the construction site.

5. Thoroughly wrap or remove your valuables, expensive electronic equipment and fine furniture.

6. Create clear traffic areas for your contractor and make sure they protect your floors and carpet with heavy tarps, carpet remnants etc.

7. Establish who will be given a house key (usually the project manager) before beginning your project.

8. Ask your contractor to notify you when noxious materials (glues, finishes or other materials with strong odors) will be on site and properly ventilate your home.

9. Discuss and agree upon rules regarding smoking and music with your contractor.

10. Keep children and pets a safe distance from all ongoing construction work while taking safety precautions including signs, roping off areas etc.

11. Make sure your contractor and crew know the areas of your home that are off limits.

12. Have an agreed upon a plan to protect your landscape and the exterior of your home as the coming and going of contractors with heavy machinery can cause wear and tear to your home and property.

13. Discuss and agree upon the start and end times for each day with your contractor while keeping your neighbors in mind.

14. Set clear directions regarding the parking of all vehicles including the area(s) and times to ease any potential parking problems for everyone.

15. Notify your neighbors of your upcoming renovation. Your thoughtfulness should help to “ease” any minor inconveniences.  After your project is completed, invite your neighbors over to see your new renovation!

10 Key Points Your Remodeling Contract Should Include

Remodeling contracts should always be a part of every remodeling project for your home.  I know, you’ve finally chosen the contractor for your home project and you’re just itchin to start, right?  Not so fast!  Again, make sure to draw up a clear and detailed contract with your contractor; you won’t regret it!  I knowContinue Reading

10 Ways to Save on Remodeling Projects

10 Ways to Save on Remodeling Projects

Worried that your remodel is going to empty out your bank account?  Here’s how to save on your remodel and still achieve the customized, unique look you envisioned for your home. 1. Focus on increasing the efficency rather than the size of the space. Simply reorganizing the space and incorporating features specifically designed for efficiencyContinue Reading